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G2 Ergonomics Products
G2 Ergonomics offers a variety of unique dirt bike throttles and bar mounts to help motorcycle riders overcome their challenges.

The G2 Throttle Cam System helps riders smooth out the abrupt on-off transition often found in fuel injected bikes.  G2 Quick-Turn throttles are favored by racers wanting a shorter twist from closed to wide-open throttle

G2 Bar End Mounts are a huge improvement from the handguard bar-end hardware offered by most handguard manufacturers.  G2 Bar End Mounts use a threaded insert that won't loosen up after a crash, yet allows for quick, easy handguard bar removal.

G2 Mongo Handguard Mounts provide an adjustable triple clamp handguard mount that works well on Yamaha YZ/WR models, Honda CR/CRF models and most Kawasaki and Suzuki models.  Use the Mongo mounts in conjunction with handguard bars from Enduro Engineering or Cycra for a solid handguard system you can count on.

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