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Complete Comfort Seats / Comfort Seat Foam and Cover Kits
Offroad / Dual Sport / Adventure Motorcycles



Complete Comfort Seat, Comfort Seat Foam and Cover Kits - Standard, Low or Tall
Seat Concepts motorcycle seats have a wider seating area towards the rear of the seat for greatly increased comfort on long rides. This shape helps spread the load over more surface area to alleviate pressure points. Each seat was designed to increase comfort without compromising your ability to ride aggressively. The more aggressive the bike, the more aggressive the seat kit. Available as a complete seat or as a "Do It Yourself" foam and cover kit with detailed instructions for easy installation.

Seat Concepts motorcycle seat foam is made from the finest quality products available. Extensive testing and development produced a foam compound that is firm enough to last and supple enough to offer comfort for the long haul. The foams are produced in a proprietary mold for each specific model.  Seat Concepts seat covers are made from the finest quality marine grade vinyl products.  Seat Concepts kits are designed and manufactured in the U.S.A. by true motorcycle enthusiasts.