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No-Toil Air Filter Combo
Fast3 Pre-Oiled (Ready To Use)
No-Toil Air Filters 3 Pack
Fast3 Pre-Oiled (Ready To Use)
No-Toil Premium
Air Filters 3 Pack
Maintenance Kits
The No-Toil Air Filters are high quality, 2-stage foam air filter that is pre-treated with No-Toil Evolution biodegradable filter oil. It is perfectly oiled and ready to use right out of the bag. It is built with high quality standards and has a 1 year warranty. Superior foam strength for long life (40 non-toxic washes). Biodegradable oil on filter means you can just throw filter away in the trash after use. This filter can only be cleaned with No-Toil biodegradable filter cleaner (sold separately below). Includes gloves for a clean installation.
Pre-Oiled Air Filters and Maintenance Kit - Combo Contents:
  (3) Fast3 Pre-Oiled Air Filters  
  (1) Filter Maintenance Kit - includes:
(1) 16 oz. bottle of super tacky No-Toil Air Filter Oil,
(1) 16 oz. bottle of No-Toil's super heavy duty Filter Cleaner concentrate, and
(1) 4 oz. tube of No-Toil Filter Rim Grease.
Premium Air Filter - 3 Packs
  DUAL STAGE FOAM:  Two different pore sizes create more trapping area for even the smallest dust particles
  FLAME LAMINATED FOAM:  Both "stages" are not glued, but heat sealed to provide maximum air flow
  RETICULATED FOAM:  Increases dirt stopping surface area and increase foam strength
  Strongest glue seams provides protection from all solvents    
  Original OEM sizes    
  One year warranty
Maintenance Kits
For use on motorcycle and ATV air filters. If you hate to clean foam air filters with gas or harsh solvents, No-Toil filter treatment is exactly what you need. No-Toil is a revolutionary engineering breakthrough in air filter maintenance. Using only enviro-friendly plant materials, we’ve created a super-tacky, high air-flow, high performance air filter oil. Easy to clean a filter treated with No-Toil foam filter oil.

Biodegradable, filters can be washed right in your sink or washing machine without any hazardous waste. Its super tacky design traps even the smallest dirt particles. Cleanup is a snap and no mess! There's no need for gasoline or solvents. The oil is waterproof and won't come off with water alone.