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         stocks EBC brake pads to fit a large variety of offroad motorcycles. With 3 compound choices for each application, we have a set of EBC brake pads to meet the needs of racers or casual trail riders.


EBC "R" Series Brake Pads Designed for value and durability, the EBC "R" Series Pads are made from a sintered copper material made in EBC's own facility in the USA. The "R" series of heavy duty ATV and motocross brake pads have become an aftermarket standard offering high durability, high resistance to contamination by mud, water, sand and grit etc., and offering reduced disc damage along with long pad life.
EBC "X" Series Brake Pads  
This best-selling carbon graphite formula is the choice of top enduro and motocross riders for fast and dry riding conditions due to its lack of heat generation or conduction, which keeps both the rotor and caliper cool. "X" series brake pads are also tested and approved for street use on enduro bikes. 
The "X" series pads do not last as long as a sintered pad but are a strong favorite among Enduro riders due to their LOW HEAT TRANSFER.  "X" series brake pads are not recommended for wet or sandy conditions.
EBC "MXS" Series Brake Pads  
These pads are an excellent choice for all weather performance, with the highest HH friction rating for maximum stopping power and long lifetime even during racing conditions. Sintered copper alloy MXS pads have excellent durability in sand, wet and mud riding and are at the same time less aggressive to the brake rotor.
Replacement hex-head brake pins are included with most MXS pad sets (except those with multiple pin choices) to replace your old, worn brake pins.

EBC Brake Disc - Coming Soon!