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Replica Rear Fenders
Plastic Kit includes front fender, rear fender, side panels, radiator shrouds.  All plastics have the factory shape according to the specific model. The parts are made of polypropylene plastic to guarantee excellent quality and fit. Easy to install with original mounting kit. Colors marked with "ORIGINAL" correspond with the original factory colors of that model/year.

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HQV Rear Fender - White, Dark Blue or Black
Fits HQV TE 150/250/300, FE 250/350/450/501 2017-19, TE250i 2018-19, TE 300i 2019
AC-2634030002 - White
AC-2634030114 - Dark Blue (in stock)
AC-2634030001 - Black

MSRP $29.95

HQV Rear Fender - White, Dark Blue or Black
Fits HQV TC 125, FC 250/350/450 2016-18, TC 250, TX 300, FX 350/450 2017-18
AC-2449640002 - White
AC-2449640114 - Dark Blue
AC-2449640001 - Black

MSRP $27.95

HQV Rear Fender - White or Black
Fits HQV FC 250/350/450/TC 125 2014-15, TC 250/TE 125/250/300/FE 250/350/450/501 2014-16
AC-2393380002 - White (in stock)
AC-2393380001 - Black (in stock)

MSRP $27.95


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Acerbis Husqvarna Replica Rear Fender - Larger Images

AC-2634030002 White AC-2634030114 Dark Blue AC-2634030001 Black
AC-2449640002 White AC-AC-2449640114 Dark Blue AC-2449640001 Black
AC-2393380002 White AC-2393380001 Black