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Xtreme Charge battery chargers bring new technology to the game.  An Xtreme Charge battery charger does what the old industry standard can't by actively reducing the lead sulfate deposits that build up inside your battery. 

Xtreme Charge's patented, high frequency pulsing constantly works to minimize and reduce naturally occurring battery sulfation, the main cause of battery failures.  Eliminating sulfation that hampers your battery's ability to accept, store and release energy the Xtreme Charge battery charger will help your battery charge deeper, maintain greater reserve capacity, and last up to five times longer.

The Xtreme Charge battery charger works with any 12-volt lead-acid battery type including flooded, fill and charge, gel, AGM and all maintenance-free varieties of motorcycle, ATV, and lawn equipment batteries. Connect to any 110-220 AC power source and it will safely charge and maintains the battery indefinitely. It is fuse protected, spark-proof and UL Certified for both indoor and outdoor use and comes with a 5-year warranty.

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12-Volt Battery Maintenance Charger
12 volt single station 5-stage charger, includes charger with fuse protected quick disconnect battery clamps and lugs.

MSRP $99.95
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25 Foot Extension Leads
Both ends feature quick disconnect connector

MSRP $9.95
Leave on Cable Adapter Leads w/ Eyelet Lugs

MSRP $6.95
Xtreme Charge
Replacement Battery Lead w/ Clips


MSRP $6.95
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Xtreme Charge 12-Volt Battery 5-Stage Maintenance Charger

  Connect it and leave - safely charges and maintains battery indefinitely
  Maximum 2.5A charge rate (5.0A effective)
  Properly charges all lead-acid batteries: standard, AGM, and Gel types
  Microprocessor control constantly evaluates battery and delivers appropriate charge
  Exclusive Pulse Technology removes sulfation to extend battery life - even while connected to motorcycle or ATV
  User interface features 12 L.E.D. status indicators
  Weatherproof design
  High impact plastic housing with rubberized base
  5-year manufacturer’s warranty
Xtreme Charge 25 Feet Extension Leads
25 Feet Extension Leads for Xtreme Charge charger features quick disconnect terminals on both ends.
Xtreme Charge Battery Leads w/ eyelet
Leave-on Cable Adapter Leads for Xtreme Charge charger with eyelet lugs.
Xtreme Charge Replacement Cable Clip Leads - Battery lead replacements for Xtreme Charge charger. The 7.5 Amp fuse-protected battery leads clips on to all types of battery terminals. The 2' long cable utilizes standard quick disconnect connector.