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Cyd started riding at 6 years old on a Yamaha PW 50. Complete with a sticker saying “When in doubt, gas it!” the PW 50 putted all over Eastern Oregon with Cyd at the throttle. As the older daughter of Bob and Belle, Cyd was constantly surrounded by dirt bikes and good riding buddies, including her younger sister. Without brothers, Cyd and her sister grew up as little tomboys who loved nothing more than riding their motorcycles.

Living in Oregon as a kid, Cyd rode her bike all over the state. She was often found camping with her family in Eastern Oregon, over in Idaho, up in Washington’s Gifford Pinchot National Forest, and as far south as the Mojave Desert in California. Everything from tight, technical woods trails, to open desert washes and rock obstacles delighted Cyd with new challenges!

As she grew older and her riding skills developed rapidly, Cyd seemed to outgrow her bikes faster each year. The PW 50 was quickly replaced by a Yamaha PW 80, only to see Cyd move up to a Honda XR 100 in a few short years! After learning how to use the clutch on her XR, Cyd was ready for her first 2-stroke bike! Belle’s Kawasaki KX 100 was handed down to provide high-speed fun in a lightweight bike. As the KX’s peppy nature often got Cyd in trouble on the trail, she soon opted for a Yamaha TTR 125 that was more suited for technical riding. With an ever-growing need for more speed and power, yet limited by her 5’ 1” height, Cyd finally hopped on a 2005 Yamaha TTR 230 and has been riding it since!

Any weekend spent camping and riding with the family was always a good time. Many of Cyd’s most cherished childhood memories include her adventures on her dirt bikes over the years. Long road trips to find awesome riding terrain in California, Idaho, and even Utah, shaped Cyd’s love of travel and developed within her a desire to explore the rest of the US and eventually, the world.

As you can see, Cyd has been around and a part of the motorcycle industry since she was born. As a member of the Reinen household, packing boxes and sorting gas tanks for CycleBuy was on her list of daily duties. Since she started so young, Cyd has an extensive knowledge about the products CycleBuy has carried over the years and continues to sell today.

Working at CycleBuy exposes Cyd to all kinds of fun and innovative products to customize her TTR 230. She loves her Fastway Footpegs, and the Enduro Engineering handguards are essential! Battles with trees happen far too often with Cyd twistin’ the throttle! Along with Bob and Belle, Cyd is a proud member of the CycleBuy product testing team, and if she can’t break it, you know it’s sturdy.

Though it’s her absolute favorite, dirt biking is not Cyd’s only outdoor extreme sport. She spends the winter weekends snowboarding and skates around on her longboard during the warmer months. Cyd is even into occasional skydiving!

Nowadays, you’re likely to find Cyd tearing up the trails at Starker Forest on her bike. A recent graduate of the Team Oregon class, Cyd is working her way into the Dual Sport world. Her parents, Bob and Belle are avid adventure riders, and Cyd just can’t wait to join them! Though she’s always happy to meet new riding buddies to explore the great northwest with.

Cyd feels fortunate to be making a living doing what she loves. Surrounded by motorcycles and people who love bikes too, Cyd is thrilled to work at CycleBuy! She excels in customer service, and is glad as can be to help out and talk with fellow riders all over the world. Always on the hunt for the next cool bike accessory or greatest place to ride, Cyd shares your excitement and passion for the world of offroad motorcycles.


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