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2017 ST 90 RIPPER - The newest member of the Timbersled family... For your family
The 90 ST Ripper is a great entry snow bike kit into the Timbersled family and is designed to be enjoyed by all riders. Designed for the 110cc dirt bike category, the ST 90 Ripper's low ride height gives the rider better control without sacrificing performance. This kit's low friction undercarriage design allows the track to perform in any condition. No snow required.
Features / Specifications


The Ripper Ski features a deeper upper and lower keel design to allow the rider to be confident riding in both loose and hardpacked snow conditions. This ski is modeled after the Polaris Snowmobile Gripper Ski.

When it comes to performance, the ST 90 Ripper doesn't hold back. This kit uses the full size shock from the ST 120 RAW. These custom valved RYDE FX MPV Motion Control coil over shocks are highly capable and provide a great ride in any terrain for all riders.

The ST 90 Ripper is a highly capable, innovative system design you can ride in any condition, from deep snow to dirt. This kit comes stock with a hyfax free, bogey wheel rail and a low friction undercarriage design that allows the track to perform well in any condition.

Easy install - convert from dirt-to-snow riding in under 1 hour.

How It Works
Take your bike from dirt to snow with Timbersled.
Timbersled systems fit a wide range of modern motocross and off-road dirt bikes from the early 90’s to today.

A Timbersled System includes a front ski and a rear track system that replace the tires on your bike to allow you to ride all year.

Timbersled systems are universal and require an Install Kit that is motorcycle specific.

Install your Timbersled system in less than three hours and you'll be ready to ride!

Specifications ST 90 RIPPER


Estimated Dry Weight - Front (lbs/kg) 13 lbs.  
Estimated Dry Weight - Rear (lbs/kg) 55 lbs.  
Overall Length - pivot to bumper (in./cm.)   97 inches  
Engine and Drivetrain:     
Driver 2.52 pitch 8 tooth  
Chain Slider Roller   
Disc Brake Type Hydraulic Single Piston  
Drive Chain 420   
Drive Shaft Sprocket 26 tooth - splined  
Engine Sprocket 13 tooth - splined  
Skag Type Center Carbide  
Skag Type Outer Steel  
Rear Suspension 8 inches - Ripper Suspension  
Front Track Shock RydeFX®  
Rear Travel - Fixed Fit Kit (in./cm) 43.8 inches  
Ski Type   Modified Gripper - Ripper Ski  
Track Width/Length/Height 6.5 wide x 90 length x 3/4 inch lug  
Graphics   Black/White  
Install Kit Options Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha 110cc  
Installation   Coming Soon