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Rekluse Products for:TE 250, TE 300 2011-12 (2-Stroke)

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Core EXP 3.0 Auto-Clutch z7736
Fits Husaberg TE 250, TE 300 2011-12
Trusted by elite racers and enthusiasts worldwide, Core EXP™ is Rekluse's premiere centrifugal clutch system. You can come to a complete stop in gear, without touching the clutch lever, and your bike stays running.
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Dual-Action Brake Kit z5312
The perfect compliment to an auto-clutch, the left hand rear brake kit allows a rider to fully operate the rear brake using only their left hand. Downhill right-handed switch backs have never been easier to ride. The rear foot pedal is still retained for use at any point in time. Allows the maximum control by offering a second way to apply the rear brake. Use with Auto-Clutch only.
(Will not fit brake systems with remote/external reservoir)
Clutch Cover zCC-336BK
Fits Husaberg TE 250, TE 300 2011-12
Constructed of billet aluminum for increased strength and durability, the clutch cover is slightly deeper than stock cover allowing clearance and increased transmission oil capacity in the engine. OK to use as stock replacement for non Auto-Clutch applications.

Clutch Basket z4136
Fits Husaberg TE 250, TE 300 2011-12
Rekluse replacement clutch basket. Hard anodized for increased durability. OK to use as stock replacement for non-auto clutch applications.
Slave Cylinder Guard z207
Fits Husaberg TE 250, TE 300 2011-14
Protect your Rekluse Slave Cylinder with this exclusive guard, fits adjustable and OEM slave cylinder, features and access hole for quick and easy auto-clutch adjustment.
Husaberg Factory Friction Disc 54832011000
Fits Husaberg TE 250, TE 300 2011-12
Individual OEM friction disks. Stock manual clutch uses 9 friction disks,
z-Start Pro kits 8 friction disks, Core/EXP kits 7 friction disks, EXP 6036 6 friction disks.

MSRP $20.19
Husaberg Factory Drive Disc 54832012100
Fits Husaberg TE 250, TE 300 2011-12
Individual OEM steel disks. Stock manual clutch uses 8 drive disks, z-Start Pro and Core/EXP clutch kits include drive disks, EXP 6036 uses 6 drive disks.

MSRP $7.99
Husaberg Factory Clutch Kit 54832011010
Fits Husaberg TE 250, TE 300 2011-12
Factory replacement clutch kit.
Includes 9 friction discs, 8 steel drive discs and 4 clutch springs.

MSRP $237.99
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the distributor serving your country. We may be able to ship to areas not currently served by an international distributor of Rekluse products.

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Rekluse Auto-Clutch  ----------------------------------------------------------------
Core EXP 3.0 Auto-Clutch
Trusted by elite racers and enthusiasts worldwide, Core EXP™ is Rekluse's premiere centrifugal clutch system.

Using the principles of centrifugal force this clutch automatically engages and disengages based on RPM. This means you can come to a complete stop in gear, without touching the clutch lever, and your bike stays running.

  Prevents engine stalls
  Clutch lever use is optional; lever feel and function are unchanged
  Smooth power engagement increases traction
  Cooler operating temperatures and incredibly efficient clutching provide extended clutch life
  Allows riders to refine skills like precise throttle control, line selection, and cornering
  Proprietary billet components offer superior durability
  Riding is enhanced, more fun, and less demanding so riders can conquer more terrain
  Fully tunable to suit rider and/or terrain
  Manual shifting of transmission still required
  Installation does not require modification of stock parts
Rekluse Clutch Accessories  --------------------------------------------------------
Dual-Action Brake Kit

  More ergonomically designed brake lever
  Fully adjustable dead-stroke and lever reach
  Offers multiple mounting configurations to customize controls

  Includes an upgraded stainless steel brake line, complete with all stainless hardware

The Rekluse brake kit puts rear brake control at your fingertips using a compact “two-finger” lever assembly, leaving the clutch perch and lever position unchanged. It creates a connection at the bike’s rear master cylinder through a machined cylinder sleeve, allowing your foot pedal to remain attached and fully functional.

  Durability of the master cylinder has been improved by strengthening the pivot joint components as well as adding a rubber dust boot to protect the cylinder from mud, sand and debris
  Novel design provides upgraded ergonomics via a tilted radial orientation and an improved lever shape for a progressive two-finger pull
  The dead-stroke adjustment feature provides tunability for each rider to obtain the desired lever feel
  The tool-free reach adjustment element offers a more robust configuration that is sealed against the elements
  More fluid capacity to support full use of brake pads

Rekluse Left Hand Rear Brake Kit Installation Video

Clutch Cover

Rekluse clutch covers are specifically engineered to provide unparalleled durability and performance in a single, stylish component. Rekluse covers are ready to ride whenever you are and they stand up against rocks, logs, boots, and whatever else you may encounter in your adventures.

Billet aluminum provides incredible strength without adding weight
  Double hard anodized for enhanced durability and wear resistance
  Greater depth than stock covers, which allows for increased oil capacity
  Specifically designed to complement the performance of your Rekluse or OEM clutch

Clutch Basket

Think of a clutch basket as the back-bone of your entire clutch system. Precision CNC machining combined with innovative world-class engineering allows Rekluse clutch baskets to safeguard your vital internal components, keeping you on the track or trail a lot longer.

Billet Aluminum Hard anodized construction
  Enhanced clutch modulation
  Extreme durability resists notching and extends clutch life
  Exclusive replaceable cushions protect your transmission even under the most extreme conditions
  High specification tolerances ensure concentric properties

Slave Cylinder Guard Factory Friction (Lining) Disc
Factory Steel Drive Disc Factory Clutch Kit

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