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Fasst Company Flexx Handlebar System


The Flexx Handlebar System is designed to absorb shock and vibration that is transferred to your hands, arms, elbows and shoulders.
The design was originally intended to absorb catastrophic impacts for instance casing a jump or hitting a large "g-out." The reality of the system's performance is a massive reduction in shock and abuse transferred to the rider throughout all types of terrain. The Flexx Handlebar System offers a controlled, consistent flex that is tunable through four different density elastomers that come with the system.
The result: greater control and less abuse. FAQs 


Cross Mid-Section Width Overall Width Height
Shown in degrees/millimeters
Enduro bends will have 1" narrower (B) measurement Measured from handle end
to handle end in inches
High/Low/Standard measure in millimeters
Flexx Handlebar Notations and Definitions:
  Cross Reference Bar Chart - Please see a complete cross reference list of popular bar bends from other manufactures as well as OEM offerings.
  Damper Crossbar - arched crossbars to accommodate over the bar steering dampers. Damper Crossbars can be added to any Flexx Handlebar. Sub/Fender Mount dampers do not require use of damper crossbars.
  The Enduro / Woods bends have a 1" narrower mid section shown as measurement (B) with full length handles allowing more room for equipment mounting.
  Accessory Applications - Flexx Handlebar can be used with enduro computers, trip computers, GPS, steering dampers, roll charts, etc. Please call us 1-888-284-4588 or email us at for your specific application question.
  All Flexx Handlebars require a 1 1/8" bar clamps.
  All bars are shipped with silver bar pad - Many other colors available.


Features / Facts about the Fasst Company Flexx Handlebars

  Dramatically reduces vibration due to the aluminum (material of the handlebar) to rubber (elastomer) interference.
  The absorbing action of the Flexx Handlebar results in less abuse transferred to the rider, depleting arm pump and fatigue.
  By articulating only in the same plane as the suspension the Flexx System absorbs square edge bumps,
   rocks, whoops, g-outs and hard landings without sacrificing control.
  Tunable elastomers (available in 4 densities) absorb abuse typically transferred to your upper body.
  Numerous accessories available from handguard mounts, rebound elastomer kits and more here
  Full list of bends available for mx, enduro applications, adventure and mini.
What comes in the box? Flexx Handlebar, Silver Handlebar Pad, 4 sets of Compression Elastomers, and 1 set of Rebound Elastomers.
The Flexx Handlebar System is exclusively constructed out of two different states of 7000 series aluminum; employing the latest technology in CNC machining and extrusion methods, our handlebars are made with the utmost hands-on precision and care. Strict tolerances are checked many times over by a highly qualified production crew, ensuring that every component of the Flexx Handlebar System goes out our doors with unparalleled accuracy.

1. The performance advantages of the pivot system transfers all shock and vibration through the elastomers.
By only allowing flex directly through the pivot system in the same plane as the front suspension the Flexx System delivers a controlled, consistent, natural movement for your arms that compliments the suspension.
2. Interchangeable elastomers allow the bar to be tailored to your desired ride requirements. Bar rise is adjustable through supplied shims, creating the perfect bend and ride control for your specific preferences.
3. The dual crossbar design allows the bar to only flex through the pivot point into the elastomer, disallowing the inconsistent flex and rotation of other bar designs.

1. The Flexx Handlebar System's 7/8" handles yield a 5mm wall thickness. The handles are shot peened and anodized for durability.
2. All pivot points are precision honed to exacting tolerances. The pivot pins are centerless ground
to +/- .0001, then hand fit to each pivot point. The pivot pin contains six O-rings which seal the pivot points from water and debris.
3. Each Flexx Handlebar System comes with four durometers of elastomers (soft,  medium, hard, stiff) as well as shims to control the rise of the bar or incrementally stiffen the ride.
4. The center mounting section of the Flexx Handlebar System is laser marked with a bar position index for accurate centering and alignment.
5. The dual crossbar design provides structural rigidity by boxing in the pivot points to maintain consistent performance directly through the pivot system.