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Flexx Bar Handguard Packs
We now offer a variety of Fasst Flexx Bars handguards and mounting components.
Each of the handguard mounts outlined below is a viable choice, but each uses a different mounting method to allow the bars to move freely.

Flexx Debris Deflectors w/Mounting Hardware Silver

Aluminum Debris Deflector kit designed to fit FasstCo Flexx Handlebars. Comes with mount hardware.

Cycra Probend Flexx Bar Handguard System is specifically designed to work with Fasst Co Flexx handlebars. Cycra's unique design uses bolts with bushings to attach the handguards to the pivot point of the Flexx bars.

Probend Flexx Bar Racer Pack includes: Alloy CRM handguard bars with plastic end bumpers, Enduro shields, bar-end hardware, and Flexx bar mounting hardware.

Pro Moto Billet Fastway FIT Handguards include 2 plastic washers and a locknut to use on the inboard mounting point, allowing Flexx bars and fat bars to flex as intended. Fastway F.I.T. handguards systems include billet center bar clamps, impact deflector handguards, mounting hardware, and a set of black shields.

Fastway FIT Damper Mount Handguard System
Use with Fasst Co stabilizer crossbars and a Fastway, Scotts, or GPR above-bar stabilizer and frame bracket.

Fastway F.I.T. Solid Handguard Mount System
A good choice for bikes with rubber mounted bar clamps. The solid top bar mount adds strength by tying the bar mounts together.

Fastway F.I.T. Universal Mount Handguard System
Our recommendation for KTMs/Husabergs or others with solid bar mounts. Fits stock clamps and Fastway, Scotts, or GPR under-bar stabilizer kits.
Fasst Co new Flexx Handguard Hitch provides a moveable inner mount point that works well with Enduro Engineering Evolution handguards or Cycra Probend.

Order:  Flexx Handguard Hitch and EE Evolution Handguard w/Shields

Order:  Flexx Handguard Hitch and Cycra Alloy Probend Handguard Pack