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Emphasis Hoodie
3PW1864402 - S Emphasis Hoodie
3PW1864403 - M Emphasis Hoodie
3PW1864404 - L Emphasis Hoodie
3PW1864405 - XL Emphasis Hoodie
3PW1864406 - XXL Emphasis Hoodie (in stock)

Breathable, Intelligent material mix for maximum moisture transport away from the skin, Fast-drying, Elastic 2-way stretch, Reflective details
Premium Hoodie
3PW1765202 - S Premium Hoodie
3PW1765203 - M Premium Hoodie (in stock)
3PW1765204 - L Premium Hoodie (in stock)

3PW1765205 - XL Premium Hoodie (in stock)
3PW1765206 - XXL Premium Hoodie (in stock)

Premium zip hoodie made of soft sweatshirt material. Hood with knitted fabric lining. Hidden mobile phone pocket inside the side pocket. Side pockets with small READY TO RACE arrow embroidery, KTM flock print logo, READY TO RACE arrows on the shoulder.
80% Cotton / 20% Polyester.
Camo Zip Hoodie
3PW1765102 - S Camo Zip Hoodie
3PW1765103 - M Camo Zip Hoodie (in stock)
3PW1765104 - L Camo Zip Hoodie (in stock)

3PW1765105 - XL Camo Zip Hoodie (in stock)
3PW1765106 - XXL Camo Zip Hoodie (in stock)

Zip hoodie with camouflage pattern yoke and sleeves, KTM logo on the chest, and READY TO RACE arrows on the shoulder.
R2R Hoodie
3PW1764102 - S R2R Hoodie
3PW1764103 - M R2R Hoodie (in stock)
3PW1764104 - L R2R Hoodie (in stock)

3PW1764105 - XL R2R Hoodie (in stock)

Comfortable hooded sweatshirt with large print motif on the front, READY TO RACE arrows on the shoulder, kangaroo pocket.
Diagonal Hoodie Blue
3PW1754202 - S Diagonal Hoodie Blue
3PW1754203 - M Diagonal Hoodie Blue (in stock)
3PW1754204 - L Diagonal Hoodie Blue (in stock)

3PW1754205 - XL Diagonal Hoodie Blue (in stock)
3PW1754206 - XXL Diagonal Hoodie Blue (in stock)

Lightweight two-tone hooded sweatshirt with diagonal dividing line. Extra soft to the touch. KTM print motif on the chest and KTM label on the waistband. READY TO RACE arrows on the shoulder. 94% cotton / 6% elastane.
Gravity Hoodie
100% Cotton
3PW1864102 - S Gravity Hoodie
3PW1864103 - M Gravity Hoodie
3PW1864104 - L Gravity Hoodie
3PW1864105 - XL Gravity Hoodie

Sliced Hoodie
Side pockets, 65% Cotton / 35% Polyester
3PW1864202 - S Sliced Hoodie
3PW1864203 - M Sliced Hoodie
3PW1864204 - L Sliced Hoodie
3PW1864206 - XXL Sliced Hoodie (ETA 06-06-2018)

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PowerWear Style Equipment Hoodies - Larger Images  
Emphasis Hoodie 3PW186440X Premium Hoodie 3PW176520X
Camo Zip Hoodie 3PW176510X R2R Hoodie 3PW176410X
Diagonal Hoodie Blue 3PW175420X Gravity Hoodie 3PW186410X
Sliced Hoodie 3PW186420X

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