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Soft Tiedown with Carabiner Hook Set - U6910047
These built-in soft tie loops allows you to secure your KTM without scratching your handlebars. These extra wide webbing units feature a clip hook on one end, plus high quality friction lock fasteners. KTM orange/black with distinctive KTM PowerParts markings. 500 lb. rated assembly.
Soft Tiedown with Hooks Set - U6910046
These tiedown straps have soft ties built in, so you don't scratch your bars. KTM orange/black with distinctive KTM Racing markings. 500 lb. rated assembly.
Soft Tiedowns with Ratchet Hooks - U6910048
These tiedowns offer the security of a ratchet strap and the convenience of a soft tie. Extra-wide hooks allow you to secure your bike easily without the fitment issues of smaller hooks. Features standard KTM 1.5 inches webbing with 4400 lbs ratchets. Great for hauling heavier motorcycles and ATVs.
Soft Ties - U6910049
These tough KTM soft ties allow you to strap down your bike without scratching your handlebars or tank. Built from a durable ballistic nylon, they have a 615 lb. weight capacity. Dimensions: 1.5 inches x 6 feet.
Factory Transport Cover - 54812004000
For rear sprockets up to 50T and 220 - 260mm brake discs.
Fork Support - 54829094100
Mounts underneath the front fender and allows you to cinch your tie downs without causing pressure on your forks.
Brake Lock - 61012016000
Practical help when loading the bike or jacking it up with the rear wheel stand.
Clean Grip Set - SXS05125600
Prevents dirty grips.
Stand Foot Wide - 78003923050
Fits KTM XC/XC-W/EXC 2007-18
Specially for soft ground, such as sand. Size: 75 mm (2.95 in) x 50 mm (1.97 in)
Protective Cover Outdoor "Beast" - 61312007000
The KTM outdoor bike cover provides protection all year. The cover is made from an exclusive, pigmented fabric. Including carrier bag.
Protective Cover Indoor - 62512007000
The indoor bike cover turns every KTM into a real eye-catcher in the garage. The fabric consists of a special material with a distinctive structure that is impermeable to dust and dirt. The inner side has a soft lining.
Protective Cover Outdoor - 59012007000
The KTM outdoor bike cover guarantees perfect protection all year round.
The cover is made from an exclusive, pigmented fabric. Carrier bag Included.
High Security U-Lock - 60012016000
High quality U-lock made from hardened steel with a double locking mechanism. Locking cylinder with optimum protection against any attempts at manipulation, 250,000 key versions. Two keys supplied as standard. Includes rotating PVC cover that protects the cylinder lock from dirt. High quality corrosion protection.

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Soft Tie Downs with Clips U6910047 Soft Tie Downs with Hooks U6910046

Ratchet Soft Tie downs with Clip Hooks U6910048 Soft Ties U6910049

Factory Transport Cover 54812004000 Fork Support 54829094100
Brake Lock 61012016000 Clean Grip Set SXS05125600
Protective Cover Outdoor "Beast" 61312007000 Protective Cover (62512007000 Indoor) (59012007000 Outdoor)
High Security U-Lock 60012016000 Stand Foot Wide 78003923050