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  PowerParts Flex Clutch Levers - 50/65/85/105/Freeride Cost Add To Cart

  These levers are designed to fold away on contact with the ground.

Flex Clutch Lever Orange - 7200293124404
Fits 65 SX 2014-18, 85 SX 2013-18, Freeride 2014-18
  PowerParts Flex Brake Levers - 50/65/85/105/Freeride Cost Add To Cart

  Precision made lever designed to bend forward in a spill. They have a long wearing delrin bushing assembly and adjustable lever position that will give the rider more confidence and comfort.

Flex Brake Lever Orange - 7201390224404
Fits 65 SX 2014-18, 85 SX 2013-18, Freeride 250 R 2014-17
Flex Brake Lever Orange - 4621380210004
Fits KTM 65 SX 2012-13
Flex Brake Lever Orange - 4621380200004
Fits KTM 65 SX 2004-11, 85/105 SX 2004-12
  Original Sparepart Lever Kits - 85/105 Cost Add To Cart
Clutch and Brake Lever Set Silver - 47002042000
Fits KTM 85/105 SX 2004-12
Contains clutch and hand brake levers.
  PowerParts Handlebar Grips and Accessories - 50/65/85/Freeride Cost Add To Cart

  Grip replacement made easy! No more glue or safety wire needed. With the lock-on grips set, the grips are locked onto the handlebar by an integrated clamp. The laborious process of sticking the grips and securing them with wire is no longer necessary. Includes three different cams to work with two and four stroke models!

Lock-On Grip Set - 79002924100
Fits KTM 85 SX 2018, SX/XC/XC-W/EXC-F 2017-18, SX-F/XC-F 2016-18
KTM Grip Set 50 SX - Black - 45002021000
Mud Grip Set - 78102922000
The mud grips are simply pulled over existing grips and guarantee a secure hold on the grip rubber, even in extremely muddy conditions, thanks to their special material mix.
Grip Doughnuts Set - U6951716
Optimum protection against blisters on the thumbs with these coated neoprene rings. Simple to slide onto the grips.

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  PowerParts Levers, Grip and Accessories - Larger Images

Flex Clutch Lever 7200293124404 Flex Brake Lever 7201390224404
Flex Brake Lever 4621380210004 Flex Brake Lever 4621380200004
Original Sparepart Lever Kits ------------------------------------------------------
Original Sparepart Lever Kits - 85/105 SX 47002042000
Lock-On Grip Set
Handlebar Grips and Accessories --------------------------------------------------
Lock-On Grip Set 79002924100  

Mud Grip Set 78102922000 KTM Grip Set 50SX Black 45002021000
Grip Doughnuts Set