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  PowerParts 50/65 SX Chains Cost Add To Cart
Sometimes less can mean more! O and Z-rings have been dispensed completely on this chain specially developed for motocross use. That and the special construction of the bearing bushes result in the perfect compromise between durability and minimum power loss.
Racing Chain 1/2" x 3/16" - 50 SX
Chain OEM 1/2" x 1/4" - 65 SX/XC
High quality replacement chain.
  PowerParts 50/65/85 SX Sprockets  Cost Add To Cart
The Orange Rear Sprocket is manufactured from high-strength 7075-T6 aluminum, the strongest aluminum in the world.
The chain runs smoothly, straight as a die and true, because it's ground level to an accuracy of 0.002 mm.
Free from vibration \x96 therefore the highest power transmission efficiency.
Orange anodized with a permanent, organic and environmentally friendly pigment.
Orange Rear Sprocket - 85 SX
4721095104804 - 48T - Fits 85 SX
4721095104904 - 49T - Fits 85 SX
4721095105004 - 50T - Fits 85 SX

The sprocket teeth are made of steel and the central part of aluminum. Both parts are joined permanently together by high-strength rivets. This sprocket has a service life at least 3 times longer than that of other aluminum sprockets, while it is only half the weight of a normal steel sprocket. The steel teeth ensure a longer service life for the whole system, i.e. not only the rear sprocket, but the chain and chain wheel as well. If you're looking for the ultimate in quality and performance, this sprocket is the one for you.
2K Rear Sprocket Orange - 65/85 SX
4611005115004 - 50T - Fits 65 SX
4701005114804 - 48T - Fits 85 SX
4701005114904 - 49T - Fits 85 SX
4701005115004 - 50T - Fits 85 SX

Hardened steel rear sprocket, OEM quality. Made exclusively for KTM by Renthal, these orange anodized rear sprockets are used by the KTM Race Teams. Lightweight, durable and provide great performance. And also the #1 choice of MX riders.
Rear Sprocket Renthal Orange - 85 SX
U6951254 - 44T
U6951255 - 45T
U6951256 - 46T
U6951257 - 47T
U6951258 - 48T

Rear Sprocket Renthal Orange - 65 SX
U6951251 - 46T
U6911024 - 47T
U6951252 - 48T
U6951253 - 50T

Rear Sprocket Renthal Orange - 50 SX
U6913128 - 38T - Fits KTM 50 SX 2014-18
U6913125 - 38T - Fits KTM 50 SX 2004-13


  PowerParts 85/105 SX Drivetrain Kit  Cost Add To Cart
Drivetrain Kit—/46 - 00050002002
Fits 85 SX 2003-17
Consists of a—T front and a 46T rear sprocket wheel, a Regina chain and master link.

Drivetrain Kit—/49 - 00050002003
Fits 85/105 SX 2004-17
Consists of a—T front and a 49T rear sprocket wheel, a Regina chain and master link.


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  PowerParts Sprockets - Larger Images
Chains ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Chain 50 SX 45110265104 Chain OEM 420 x 112 links 65 SX/XC 46110165112

Sprockets -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
Orange Rear Sprockets 2K Rear Sprocket Orange
Rear Sprocket Renthal Orange


Drivetrain Kit 85/105 SX -----------------------------------------------------------
Drivetrain Kit 00050002002 / 00050002003

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