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Freeride Seats / Rack / Suspension / Footpegs / Battery


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  PowerParts Freeride Complete Seats Cost Add To Cart
Freeride - Complete SOFT Seat - 70007940000
Fits Freeride 250 R up to 2017, Freeride E models up to 2017
Particularly elastic foam for extra comfort. Standard height. Approx. 7 mm higher than the standard seat.
Freeride - Complete LOW Seat - 70007040000
Fits Freeride 250 R up to 2017, Freeride E models up to 2017
Approx. 7 mm lower than the standard seat. Provides shorter riders with optimum control of the motorcycle in difficult terrain.
  PowerParts Freeride Rear Rack/Luggage  Cost Add To Cart
Freeride Rear Rack - 72012927044
Fits Freeride 250 R up to 2017
Reinforcement for the rear end of your Freeride. Required when using universal rear bag 5L 78112978000, below.
Universal Offroad Rear Fender Bag 5L - 78112978100
The robust, waterproof rear bag can be fitted simply and without additional installation materials. Approx. 5 liter, providing enough space for the most important things on your offroad tour. For use on Freeride models, rear rack 72012927044, above is required.
  PowerParts Freeride Suspension  Cost Add To Cart
Freeride Low Suspension Kit - 72512955044
The low suspension kits specially developed by KTM in collaboration with WP are the perfect compromise between maximum chassis performance and minimum possible seat height. Just like the standard parts, the components used here are manufactured from the highest quality materials and, they have been specially tuned for offroad use in intensive endurance tests. To ensure best possible function of the suspension kits, we only recommend use with a rider weight of up to 150 lbs.

Bleeder Valve Set - 78101900100
Closed Cartridge Forks/Open Chamber/4CS. Bleeder valves designed especially for WP forks. A quick press of the finger and the fork is bled. Not compatible with fork pre-load adjusters (79401905000).
  PowerParts Freeride Footpegs  Cost Add To Cart
Pivot Pegz - 78003940244
Fits KTM 125/150 SX/XC, SX-F/XC-F up to 2015, 250/300 SX/XC, XC-W/EXC up to 2016
Pivot Pegz have a unique and precisely tuned spring loaded pivoting action that actively tracks with the motion of the rider's feet.
  PowerParts Freeride Battery  Cost Add To Cart

Lithium Ion Battery - 79111053000
2.2 lbs. lighter than the standard battery 773.11.053.000 / 3.5 lbs. lighter than the standard battery 585.11.053.000. Unbeatable cost / weight savings ratio. Mountable in any position, as it contains no acid. Battery compartment 25011955044 is additionally required for mounting on FC models from 2016.

Available to order by 1-2-19
Battery Compartment - 79011955044
Fits KTM SX-F models 2016-18, EXC-F/XC-F models 2018
Allows you to install extra powerful 5S lithium-ion batteries in your bike.

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Freeride Complete Seats  ------------------------------------------------

Freeride Complete Seats - Soft 70007940000 / Low 70007040000

Freeride Rear Rack/Luggage  ------------------------------------------------

Freeride Rear Rack 72012927044 Universal Offroad Rear Fender Bag 78112978100

Freeride Suspension  -------------------------------------------------------

Freeride Low Suspension Kit 72512955044 Bleeder Valve Set 78101900100

Freeride Footpegs  -------------------------------------------------------

Pivot Pegz 78003940244
Ingenious: Footpegs that move with you when you shift your weight. Developed and tested by KTM professional riders. Ideal for all types of riding and racing.

The benefits:
Spring-mounted, 20° rotational movement towards front and rear
More control and grip in the corners thanks to the maneuverability
Large tread surface area of 60 mm
Simpler and quicker weight shifting
Simpler gear changing and braking
Permanent contact between boot and footpeg: extends the service life of your boots!

Overhaul Kit 78003940030 is also available to keep your footpegs in top condition. Spring Kit 78003940020.
Patented and race proven pivoting action improves grip, comfort and control while actively promoting correct riding technique and reducing fatigue. You can also reverse the eccentric peg mounts to lower the peg height by approximately 12 mm and move the pegs back by 5 mm. Footpeg platform area is 60 mm x 81 mm to help increase comfort and riding confidence.

Freeride Battery  ---------------------------------------------------

Lithium Ion Battery 79111053000
The following benefits are the mark of our lithium-ion batteries:
  Increased Cold Cranking Amps (CCA) value for better engine start in cold temperatures
  2.2 lbs. lighter than the standard battery 773.11.053.000
  3.5 lbs. lighter than the standard battery 585.11.053.000
  Unbeatable cost/weight saving ratio
  Mountable in any position, as it does not contains acid
  Safe technology and long life
Technical data:
  12 V maintenance-free lithium-ion battery
  Capacity 2.0 Ah
  Recommended charging current - 2.5 amps
  Maximum charge current for fast charging - 10 amps
  Fast charge with high charging current (up to 90% in 10 min)
  Very low self-discharge (max. 5% per month)
  Balanced discharge/charge of all cells through balancer
  Contains no heavy metals
Battery compartment 250.11.955.044 is additionally required for mounting on FC models from 2016.
Battery Compartment 79011955044