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Freeride Handguards




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  PowerParts Open Version Handguard Kits - Freeride Cost Add To Cart
Wrap-around Handguard Kit
79602979044 - Fits KTM Freeride, XC/XC-F/XC-W/EXC-F 2018
Made of sturdy plastic. Converts the originally open handguards into a closed version. Also compatible with handguards (721.02.979.000.EB / 28 / 30, below)
Open version - Manufactured with two-component injection molding technology. Black mid-section = maximum strength for optimum protection. Colored top and bottom parts = highly flexible, enduring even the roughest of treatment. Attached directly at the levers with a special mounting (included).
Handguard Kits (Lever Attachment)
Fits KTM Freeride, 65 SX 2014-18, 85 SX 2013-18
72102979000EB - Orange/Black
7210297900028 - White/Black
7210297900030 - all Black
Attached directly at the levers with a special mounting.

  PowerParts Wrap-Around Plastic Handguards - Freeride Cost Add To Cart
These two-component wrap-around plastic handguards have been completely redesigned. The black center section offers maximum strength for optimum durability. The colorful upper and lower parts are more flexible to withstand impacts from stones and branches. Large coverage area keeps weather and debris away.
High Profile Handguards - Orange/Black, White/Black or all Black
Fits KTM SX/XC/XC-W/EXC/SMR/Freeride
6030217900004 - w/ Orange Deflectors
6030217910028 - w/ White Deflectors
6030217910030 - w/ Black Deflectors

Below, the low profile shield area offers a sporty look and just the right amount of protection.
Low Profile Handguards - Orange/Black, White/Black or all Black
Fits KTM SX/XC/XC-W/EXC/SMR/Freeride
7800207910004 - w/ Orange Deflectors
7800207920028 - w/ White Deflectors
7800207920030 - w/ Black Deflectors

  PowerParts Aluminum Handguards - Freeride Cost Add To Cart
These handguards developed especially for KTM bikes are an indispensable companion for serious offroad and supermoto use. The wide, spacious design ensures excellent mobility and maximum coverage against impact, flying stones, branches, etc. Cannot be fitted with Twinwall handlebar.
Aluminum Handguards - Orange, Black or White
Fits SX/XC/XC-W/EXC/SMR/Freeride
7650297900004 - w/ Orange Deflectors
7650297900028 w/ White Deflectors - (in stock)
7650297910030 - w/ Black Deflectors

Handguard Sticker Set - 77702990000
For use with handguards (above):
7650297900004, 7650297900028, 7650297900030
Replacement Deflectors for Aluminum Handguards
Replacement Shields for Aluminum Handguards 7650297900004, 7650297900028 or 7650297910030 (above).
7650297905004 - Orange Deflectors
7650297905028 White Deflectors - (in stock)
7650297905030 - Black Deflectors

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Enduro Engineering Evolution Handguards and Shields for:
Pro Taper Easton Style FatBars, Magura or TAG FatBars,
Renthal/Neken/Pro Taper EVO and Contour FatBars, KTM/Neken FatBars,
Renthal Twinwall Bars, and Moto Roost Deflector.

Go to EE Evolution Handguards
Fastway FIT System Handguards
FIT System Handguards and Adj. Damper Mount (Version 1)
FIT System 1-Piece Bar Clamp Handguards (Version 2)
FIT System Universal Mount Handguards (Version 3)

Go to Fastway Handguards
Cycra Racing Probend CRM Racer Pack for 1 1/8 inch bars
Includes:  Center Reach Bars, Center Reach mounting clamps, Classic Enduro shields, replaceable Plastic Bar-end Bumpers, and Powergrip Bar End mounting hardware. (Dimensions: 6 1/8" tall x 9 3/4" wide - no drilling required)

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Handguard Shields
Install over rigid handguards/deflectors and heated grips for the ultimate protection against the elements.
Giant Loop Bushwackers Handguard Shields
MSR Handshields aka Elephant Ears

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Bar End Mount Kits
Handguard Bar End Set fit most alloy or steel handlebars and Renthal Twinwalls
Fastway Threaded Bar End Insert Conversion Kit
G2 Nylon Bar End Mount Kit

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  PowerParts Freeride Handguard Kits - Larger Images

Freeride Open Version Handguard Kits  -------------------------------------------

Wrap-around Handguard Kit 79602979044 - Converts the originally open handguards into a closed version.
Handguard Kit 72102979000EB - Orange/Black, 7210297900028 - White/Black, 7210297900030 - all Black
Wrap-Around Handguards

Freeride Wrap-Around Plastic Handguards  --------------------------------------

High Profile Wrap-Around Handguards Orange 6030217900004 High Profile Wrap-Around Handguards White 6030217910028
High Profile Wrap-Around Handguards Black 6030217910030 Low Profile Wrap-Around Handguards Orange 7800207910004
Low Profile Wrap-Around Handguards White 7800207920028 Low Profile Wrap-Around Handguards Black 7800207910030
Aluminum Handguards

Freeride Aluminum Handguards  ---------------------------------------------------

Aluminum Handguards Orange 7650297900004 Aluminum Handguards White 7650297900028

Aluminum Handguards Black 7650297910030 Replacement Deflectors for Aluminum Handguards

Handguard Sticker Set 77702990000