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2016 KTM 350 EXC-F  The 350 EXC-F is the ultimate machine when you want to ride your bike to the off-road trails. Thanks to its compact, powerful DOHC engine, low weight and perfectly tuned suspension, this machine masters each and every tough spot in off-road riding with ease. And thanks to its license plate, you can ride the bike right from your house and enjoy the street or the dirt. For 2016 the 350 EXC-F gets the same updates as the dirt-only XCF-W models for even more capability when the asphalt ends.
Engine  The 350cc 4-stroke engine with a state-of-the-art electronic fuel injection offers a very wide power band and is distinguished by a dynamic but easy to control power delivery.
Cylinder Head  The DOHC cylinder head contains four ultra-lightweight titanium valves (intake 36.3mm, exhaust 29.1mm), which allow extremely high engine speed levels of up to 12,000 rpm in combination with very small, DLC-coated followers that weigh only 8g. The camshaft timing is perfectly tuned for performance in an enduro-specific low-rev range.
Valve Train  The crankshaft drives an intermediate shaft on the side which in turn drives the coolant pump and the two camshafts via the cam chain while at the same time acting as a counter balancer. A hydraulic chain tensioner ensures reliable chain tension to achieve highly precise valve timing.
Crankshaft  The 350 EXC-F has a heavier crankshaft in order to achieve a more even power delivery and better traction through greater rotating mass. The crankshaft employs a plain big end bearing, while two force-fitted bearing shells run directly on the crank pin. The necessary oil feed for this bearing is delivered by the engine's pressure lubrication. This design increases the engine's long-term durability, lengthening crankshaft service intervals - a customer benefit in terms of time, effort and cost.
DDS Clutch  The one-piece basket of the DDS clutch (damped diaphragm steel) is machined from solid high-tensile steel in one solid part together with the primary drive gear. This process guarantees unbeatable reliability and, together with the thin steel linings, contributes to the narrow engine width due to a compact rivet-less design. The diaphragm spring makes it possible to implement an additional rubber damping system inside the clutch hub, ensuring reliability for the transmission and excellent traction. Finally, the hydraulic clutch mechanism by Brembo in conjunction with the diaphragm spring provides a very light clutch operation and controllable modulation.
Starter  The engine is equipped with a kickstarter as well as an electric starter as standard. Well protected behind the cylinder, the electric starter is connected to the freewheel on the ignition rotor via the starter drive in the ignition cover.
Transmission  The 6-speed gear box is specially matched to the power delivery of the 350cc engine and any kind of dual sport riding. It is distinguished by easy and precise shifting.
Generator  The 350 EXC-F engine is equipped with a 196 W AC generator with integrated starter freewheel. The generator provides sufficient energy for the fuel injection, lighting and other electrical loads. Compared to the 350 SX-F, the oil-cooled rotor has a larger diameter with a bigger flywheel mass and requires a larger ignition cover.
Engine Management System (EMS)  The Engine Management System by Keihin with electronic fuel injection and a 42mm throttle body ensures a spontaneous response and maximum engine performance.
Bodywork  The bodywork has been designed ergonomically and functionally in such a way that the whole motorcycle is in perfect harmony with the rider down to the very last detail.
Airbox  The air filter can be quickly replaced without the use of any tools, thanks to an ingenious airbox design guarantees optimum filter protection from flying dirt while creating maximum airflow for high performance. The airbox covers are manufactured in a 2-component process with in-mold graphics. In addition, two extra flaps on the left cover allow it to be secured with bolts if desired.
Handlebar  All EXC models are fitted with the super strong, tapered Neken handlebar made of high tensile strength aluminum alloy. The proven standard KTM mount allows to fix the handlebar in four different positions. Hand guards made of a 2-component polymer ensure durability and effective hand protection.
Speedo  The speedometer by MAE integrates all the warning and indicator lights, except the turn signals, in a single unit. This gives the cockpit a clean and minimal look, with clear and readily available information.
Graphics  New graphics with clear lines visually underscore the exacting standards of what KTM deems a true, cutting-edge off-road dual sport bike.
Fuel Tank  The large capacity fuel tank is constructed of lightweight polyethylene and specifically designed for off-road use. A ¼-turn bayonet filler cap features a release mechanism for quick and easy refueling.
Frame  The EXC's chassis is second to none and for 2016 the striking Factory orange frame color usually seen only on KTM's race team machines will return. The modern, lightweight frame design with exceptional quality and performance created by WP Performance Systems is made of lightweight, high-strength chromoly steel sections. Not only does it provide easy handling and precise cornering, but also outstanding stability.
Swingarm  The cast aluminum swingarm has been developed with state-of-the-art calculation and simulation software and constructed for minimum weight, optimum stiffness and precisely defined flexibility.
Suspension/Damping  The EXC models feature WP suspension, which is specifically designed for dual sport riding and ensures maximum traction comprised with plenty of comfort. As expected, the compression and rebound damping can be adjusted to suit various conditions and rider preference as well as separate high and low speed shock compression adjustments.
Cooling System  The proven integrated KTM cooling system routes the coolant from the cylinder head through the frame triangle directly to the aluminium radiators made by WP.
Triple Clamps  The triple clamps have been specifically designed for Enduro use and ensure precise handling on rough terrain by supporting the flex characteristics of the fork. This gives the rider the best possible feedback from the front-end of the machine to increase confidence and overall speed.
Exhaust System  Light and robust. The aluminum silencers on EXC models are renowned for their outstanding performance, while keeping noise to a level well within FIM rules.
Wheels  The EXC's feature new high-quality black anodized Giant rims with black spokes, that are mated to CNC-machined hubs and lightweight silver aluminum nipples for maximum stability at minimum weight. The EXC's feature Metzler Six Day DOT tires.
Brakes  High-Tech Brembo brakes have always been standard equipment on KTM off-road bikes, and combined with the lightweight Galfer Wave discs, they are the ultimate solution in braking technology. Being the class-leading brakes in off-road, they remain unchanged for 2016.
Front Axle  The front axle has been reduced in size from 26mm to 22mm to reduce weight and offer better front end feel. The adjusted offset and increased trail provides more stability.
Front Fork Guards  The fork protectors have been adapted to the fork shoes and are also lighter. The open design offers the same level of protection while giving easier access to the fork legs for quicker cleaning and faster maintenance.