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*California Green Stickers and U.S. EPA Off-Highway emission compliant model.
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2016 FE 450* - In the hands of Pela Renet, the FE 450 won the Enduro World Championship in 2014. The rear link suspension, WP 4CS front fork, chromoly steel frame and polyamide rear subframe harness the incredible power and torque of the fuel-injected, single overhead cam engine of the FE 450. Class-leading fuel capacity, astonishing reliability and 135 hour service intervals, guarantee extended carefree riding on twisty trails and in wide-open spaces, with useable and tractable power at the twist of the throttle.
Piston  The König bridge-box-type piston is closely related to the FC 450's piston and lowers oil consumption, optimizing performance. The compression ratio is 11.8:1.
Engine  The compact layout of the 449.3 cc SOHC engine of the FE 450 is a great benefit to the overall packaging of the engine/chassis combination. The high power output of 53 hp is easily accessible thanks to a broad and linear power delivery. The single overhead cam actuates two lightweight 38 mm, 32 g titanium intake valves and two 33 mm, 42 g steel exhaust valves. Lightweight, DLC coated rocker arms maximize engine performance. Durability is guaranteed by a three layer head gasket.
Engine Management System (EMS)  The Keihin electronic fuel injection and 42 mm throttle body feature accurate throttle response and smooth engine performance that is ideal for enduro-style riding. Engine data can be downloaded with a laptop via a Setting Tool that is available in the Husqvarna accessories program.
Updated DDS Clutch  The DDS (damped diaphragm steel) clutch system is featured on the FE 450 to achieve smooth clutch action and easy control. A single diaphragm steel pressure plate is used instead of coil springs. It integrates a damping system for better traction and durability. The clutch basket is a single-piece CNC machined steel component that allows the use of thin steel liners and contributes to the narrowness of the engine. For MY16, the FE 450 and FE 501 clutch basket is 80 g lighter and features an optimized pressure plate for better modulation and improved durability.
Chromoly Steel Frame  High-strength steel of the highest quality is laser cut and robot welded to exacting standards by WP Performance Systems, according to precise torsional rigidity, longitudinal flex and weight defined by our R&D department. Finely-tuned torsional rigidity provides sharp handling and stability, while calculated longitudinal flex helps absorb impacts from the terrain, working together with the suspension for better comfort and greater feedback. The lightweight design allows riders to confidently pick faster lines while maintaining race-winning pace over extended periods of time.
Polyamide Rear Subframe  The lightweight, three-piece polyamide rear subframe is more flexible than a traditional aluminum rear subframe. Combined with the longitudinal flex of the frame and the rear linkage system, this gives riders a more comfortable and confidence-inspiring feeling on the bike, allowing them to push the limits in every condition and on any terrain. The design of the composite subframe features an integrated airbox and rear grab handles.
New Disc Brakes  New disc brakes by GFK at the front and rear, feature stronger braking power and increased control with a new design.
New Front-End Geometry  Detail improvements and optimization on the MY16 enduro bikes are based on the updated front end where a new 22mm front axle with specific fork shoes replaces the previous 26mm axle. The new axle is lighter, and the shoes have shorter offset and increased trail, for more stability and better front-end feel.
Dunlop Tires  Dunlop AT81 tyres offer all-around performance plus high levels of ruggedness for off-road racing and riding.
DID Wheels  Black high-strength alloy rims by DID are matched to CNC machined hubs and silver anodized aluminum nipples, for reliable performance and modern looks.
Linkage Rear Suspension  Now in its third year of development, the rear linkage on the Husqvarna enduros has proven itself as the optimal choice for all riding styles and levels of rider ability. The versatile system performs well on the widest variety of terrain, from tight and technical trails, to wide open, high-speed tracks. The high level of comfort guaranteed by our linkage system allows riders to tackle rough terrain with optimal feeling and traction in every condition
4CS Front Fork  With the new offset on triple clamp and fork shoes, the 4CS setup has been revised to suit the new front-end geometry. Now in its 4th year of production, the 4CS fork has reached the perfect balance between performance, feeling and reliability. The four-chamber system on the 4CS fork has been developed to improve damping, handling, plushness and rider comfort, ideal characteristics for enduro. The clicker settings can be easily and quickly adjusted via the dials on the top of the fork tubes. The red dial on the right alters rebound damping, while the white dial on the left is for compression damping. WP suspension stands for top quality and offers the best performance levels. Precision engineering, quality materials and advanced production processes characterize the WP forks on the Husqvarna model range.
Tool-less Air filter Access  Tool-less access to the airbox, combined with a screw-less air filter mounting system, makes air filter maintenance and inspection quick and easy. All models fit a Twin Air filter as standard and have specifically designed air intake snorkels for maximum power.
Neken Handlebar  Silver anodized Neken tapered aluminum handlebars are a high quality standard component on the Husqvarna enduros.
New Fork Protectors  The fork protectors have been redesigned and no longer wrap around the fork leg. The new design allows for improved access to the fork leg for better maintenance and cleaning, while also being easier to replace. The white plastic now features high quality in-mould graphics for long-lasting and stylish looks.
Electric Start  Standard electric start ensures effortless and reliable starting that is especially useful in difficult terrain. The 4-strokes offer the possibility to retro-fit a kick-starter.