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2016 FC 350 - The FC 350 shares much of its engine architecture with the smaller FC 250, therefore combining compact dimensions, light weight and 450-rivalling power. All the packaging benefits of the new DOHC engine are matched to the most advanced electronics. Standard launch control, switchable engine maps and a faster, more powerful engine management system, guarantee that all the 58 horsepower is put to the ground in total control.
New Engine  The repositioning of the crankshaft and clutch shaft, together with the complete redesign of all the internal components as well as the crankcases, results in a 20 mm shorter engine. Weighing only 27.2 kg, the 58 horsepower 350 cc engine is 1 kg lighter than the previous generation engine and is mounted closer to the centre of gravity of the bike. The multifunctional counter balance shaft reduces vibrations while also driving the water pump and timing chain.
New Cylinder Head  The cylinder head retains the DOHC architecture but features a completely redesigned combustion chamber, new ports, new camshafts and new valve springs. The DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) coating on the finger followers is 30 % harder, therefore reducing friction. Large, lightweight 36.3 mm diameter, 22.4 g titanium intake and 29.1 mm, 22.7 g titanium exhaust valves allow the engine to rev freely to the 13,400 rpm ceiling.
New Cylinder and Piston  The lighter and lower 88 mm bore and 57.5 mm stroke cylinder features a large diameter and lightweight forged bridged-box-type piston by CP and relatively low oscillating masses, giving the engine strong power, high revs and a very wide power band. The compression ratio is—:1.
New Crankshaft  A new stiffer crankshaft is at the heart of the high power output, high-revving FC 350 engine. The plain big end bearing and two force-fitted bearing shells ensure maximum reliability and durability, guaranteeing long service intervals of 100 hours.
Map Switch and Launch Control  As in previous model years, the MY16 motocross range features a standard handlebar map switch. For MY16, on the 4-strokes, the map switch now also activates launch control. With the engine at idle, launch control is engaged by switching once between the selected map and the alternative map, and then back again. When the fuel injection LED flashes, launch control is engaged. This function limits the amount of power to the rear wheel for approximately two seconds, improving traction and preventing loss of control under hard acceleration.
New Engine Management System  The new Keihin EMS is smaller, lighter and faster at processing data. It integrates launch control for perfect starts and selectable engine maps via the switch on the handlebar. Combined with the new gear sensor, power delivery can be tailored for each gear. Engine maps can be personalized according to rider preference with the optional Husqvarna accessories tool.
New 44 mm Throttle Body  The diameter of the throttle body remains the same as the previous model year, at 44 mm; however, the injector has been repositioned in order to optimize flow into the combustion chamber. By eliminating the throttle linkage and directly mounting the throttle cables, overall throttle body weight has been reduced by 100 g while also providing more immediate throttle response and feeling.
New Electric Start and Li-Ion Battery  The new electric starting system, standard on all 4-strokes, is more efficient and 150 g lighter and, combined with the new compact Li-Ion battery, saves over 1 kg in overall weight. The wiring harness has been optimized so that the rear subframe can be removed without having to remove any wiring.
New Cooling System  New WP radiators maintain the integrated routing system as on previous model years. The cooling liquid is routed into the frame, dissipating heat more efficiently, guaranteeing optimal cooling and fitting thanks to reduced tubing.
The new radiators have been designed using the latest CFD (computational fluid dynamics) software, enabling a 10 % increase in cooling while maintaining the same capacity and surface area. They are made of a new aluminum alloy that is stronger and feature a new filler cap and neck for easier filling. Optimized radiator louvers protect the radiators and simultaneously increase air flow.
New Airbox Design  The airbox has been completely redesigned and features a new inlet duct that reduces deformation, ensuring maximum airflow and maximum filter protection. The air filter is easily accessed, without tools, by removing the left side panel. Easy maintenance is guaranteed by the new Twin Air filter and new filter cage design that features a simplified mounting system for safe and accurate filter installation.
New Footpeg Mount  The new frame features an innovative footpeg mount that prevents mud and dirt build-up, allowing the footpeg to spring back into position even in the toughest conditions. The footpegs are larger for improved grip and stability.
New Magura Hydraulic clutch  The FC 350 now features a new Magura hydraulic clutch system. The high quality German-made clutch system guarantees even wear, almost maintenance-free operation and perfect modulation in every condition. This means that play is constantly compensated so that the pressure point and function of the clutch remain identical in cold or hot conditions, as well as over time.
Completely Redesigned Bodywork  Distinctive and futuristic bodywork highlights the massive performance leap of the MY16 motocross range, while striking pearl blue and electric yellow colors and graphics stylishly adorn the modern design. The ergonomics have been completely revised for improved control and comfort, enabling riders to perform at the highest level for extended periods of time. The seat has a new low-profile design with revised padding and a new high-grip cover for superior comfort and control in all conditions.
New Frame  With years of experience in designing the most advanced steel frames in offroad, the engineers in Research and Development have designed a completely new chromium molybdenum steel frame that redefines every structural aspect in order to improve handling, ergonomics and packaging. The torsional rigidity and longitudinal stiffness have been completely rethought. The 6 mm wider and 2 mm lower steel tubes offer 20 % more torsional rigidity and 30 % less longitudinal stiffness compared to the previous generation frame design. These characteristics, matched to the new engine stays, improve handling precision while at the same time increasing bump-absorption and feeling.
New Carbon Fiber Subframe  The use of carbon fiber strips away weight, improving weight distribution and bringing weight closer to the centre of gravity for precise handling. The composition of the material is now 30 % carbon fiber and the overall 3-piece construction is 1 kg lighter than the previous subframe, for an overall weight of 1.4 kg. It is also more compact as well as being shorter, for greatly improved ergonomics.
New Swingarm  The new cast aluminum swingarm has been redesigned for optimum stiffness, improving traction and feeling. With new signature Husqvarna machining on the sides, the swingarm is also 250 g lighter while maintaining structural integrity and reliability.