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X-Ring Chain - 78010167118
5/8 x1/4 (520)



Lightweight Chain MX - 50310165118
5/8 x1/4 (520)
Lightweight chain specially developed for motocross use.


Front/Rear Sprockets Cost Add To Cart
Front Sprocket
Fits all Austrian models HQV 125-501
50033029012 - 12T
(in stock)
79233029013 - 13T
(in stock)
79233029014 - 14T
(in stock)
50033029015 - 15T
Hardened Steel front sprocket, OEM Quality.

2K Rear Sprocket Blue
8131095104868 - 48T
8131095104968 - 49T
8131095105068 - 50T
8131095105168 - 51T
8131095105268 - 52T


Aluminum Rear Sprocket Blue
7771095104268 - 42T
7771095104568 - 45T
7771095104768 - 47T
7771095104868 - 48T
7771095104968 - 49T
7771095105068 - 50T
7771095105268 - 52T

Rear Steel Sprocket
58210951042 - Z42
58210951045 - Z45
58210951048 - Z48
58210951050 - Z50
58210951052 - Z52
For longer trips, extremely low-wear, QStE 460 steel sprocket.

Larger Images

   Larger Images
Chain X-Ring 78010167118 / Lightweight Chain MX 50310165118

X-Ring Chain - An X-ring chain has the following differences and advantages compared with an O-ring chain:
 The X-ring has 4 contact points in contrast to 2 contact points with the O-ring version
 This means higher flexibility and better running characteristics for the X-ring chain
 The spring effect of the X-ring guarantees consistent and permanent lubrication
 This means a significantly longer service life for the X-ring chain
 The X-ring provides a better seal against penetration by water and dirt

Lightweight Chain MX - Sometimes less can mean more! O and Z-rings have been dispensed with completely on this chain specially developed for motocross use. That and the special construction of the bearing bushes result in the perfect compromise between durability and minimum power loss.

Front Sprockets Rear Steel Sprocket
2K Rear Sprocket Blue Aluminum Rear Sprocket Blue

If you're looking for the ultimate in quality and performance, this sprocket is the one for you!
 High-strength steel teeth, give long service life.
 Aluminum inner ring, to reduce unsprung weight.
 Joined together permanently with high-strength rivets.
 At least three times longer service life than other aluminum rear sprockets.
 50% lighter than a conventional steel rear sprockets.
Another benefit: more durable rear sprocket, helps increase the service life for the entire drivetrain.
2K sprockets are exclusively produced for Husqvarna Motorcycles by Supersprox.

The blue rear sprocket provides you with the following advantages:
 Made of high-strength 7075-T6 aluminum, the strongest aluminum in the world.
 Originally developed for the aircraft industry and then adopted by the best rear sprocket manufacturers.
 Cleaner, straighter and smoother chain travel, because it is ground precisely flat to 0.002 mm.
 No vibration - therefore maximum efficiency of power transfer.
 All these features mean slow wear and extreme durability over the long-term.
 Anodized blue, with a permanent, organic environmentally friendly colorant.

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